Saturday, August 29, 2009

August - Crochet

This month’s group pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a zone which would be called nothing less than a frustrated one. Wendy run this month’s demo and proved to be a very good teacher as I can now crochet, okay I need a little practise as my tension is a little tight and not consistent but I will get there. Now that I can crochet I have yet started other project, and for those that now me, yes you are correct I’ve started big. I have unravelled a knitted jumper from Sussans that I love the colour off but after a much loved life as a jumper it’s a little out of shape so it will now begin a new life as a blanket (it’s still going to keep me warm. LOL).

This month Judy also stepped out of her comfort zone of knitting and made last month’s craft project ‘Christmas Ornaments’ and won the monthly competition. Judy, you did a great job and well done for trying something new!!! This is one of the reasons why I started this group, to tease your taste buds and to encourage you to try something different. While Judy has a taste for new things and Christmas the prize was 3 paper mâché Christmas decorations. We are all looking forward to seeing how she decorates them. Well done Judy and good luck!

I’m collecting all the squares that our group is knitting for the longest scarf which is well underway. A big thank you to Margaret who has made over 30 squares and is still going. The girls at the wool shop will fall over once I john them together with the other ones that are made and still being made.

Next month’s demo will be something that can be hung or magnetised and is great for those that like to start and finish a project in an afternoon.

Oh I almost forgot. I have finished my shrug, just in time for the end of Winter. However I was able to wear it twice and I was very happy with the comments I received. I will post a photo or 2 soon.

Until next month, happy crafting
Trina D

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